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Jan 4, - If you plan on cycling your way to work this winter, these are some wool) are more comfortable than your average sock when dry or wet. If you're really stuck you can pull plastic bags over your socks, under your shoes - you'll have Choose a quick-drying fabric or waterproof trousers with flaps at the.

How to keep your feet warm while cycling through the winter

Me, all geared up biking on my birthday.

How To Pack & Carry Your Kit during Your Bike Commute

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In my early days of bike commuting I too ery a fair-weather rider. I would hang my bike up whenever it so much as sprinkled and take the bus — getting soaked just seemed too inconvenient.

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But then I began to realize that not having your bike with you is cleaning cycling shoes smell less convenient than a little water on your face, and that there is magical clothing that will keep you dry in even the most inclement of weather.

Things began to change. First a rain jacket and a ride to work in a light drizzle, then rain pants and a day of errands in a considerable rainfall. I ceased to loathe the wet weather, and began to truly love it.

How to keep your feet warm while cycling through the winter |

The next thing I knew it was waterproof gloves, a full-on rain suit complete with booties, waterproof panniers and a leisure ride in a torrential downpour praying for a hurricane.

Okay maybe not that hurricane part, but you get the idea. road shoes cleats

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All of this is only to say that riding in the rain is fun. Honestly, it is.

Club Shoe Covers

Riding in wet weather is not all that different than riding in dry weather, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you have the safest ride possible. Here are a few tips and tricks for cycling in the rain:.

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Be wary of slick spots on the roads Railroad tracks, manhole covers, or any form of metal are all going to be much much more slippery in the rain. The reflection on the water can easily disguise potholes or dips in the road, so your puddle jumping wheeling?

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I tend to dress in muted colors, so in the rain season I keep a small, foldable hi-vis vest in my panniers that I throw over my jacket on particularly dark, rainy days. More on waterproof bike lights below.

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Rain really obscures vision, so ride defensively. Make eye contact with drivers wherever possible, and stay cycllng of blind spots. Adjust your braking Disc and drum brakes work well in wet weather, but rim brakes do not.

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Give yourself twice as long to come to a stop as you normally would. Know your limits Okay, I know I said I like to go for leisure cruises as hurricanes make landfall, but I might have been exaggerating a bit.

Your boss will understand.

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Just going to chill? Everything else is secondary. Cycling rain jackets are optimized to be fully waterproof and breathable while allowing for a range of movement, and they often have subtle or unsubtle reflective accents. The thing to be mindful of when choosing one is raij hood. If you ride in a helmet, is the hood big enough to fit over it?

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Importantly, does it obscure your peripheral vision? Cleverhood is not a jacket, but a rain cape designed with cyclists in mind. It has reflective piping and hooks to your thumbs to cover your legs, so can replace the need for a full kit on not-totally-soaking commutes.

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Cycling rain pants are designed for breathability, and often have reflective accents and tapered seams or ankle straps to keep them out of your chain. Fortunately, most companies these days make their lights water-resistant at the very minimum.

How to make your overshoes waterproof, NO MORE WET FEET DURING CYCLING!

Depending on the kind of rain you expect to be riding in, look for something that has a balance between brightness and pastic. Unless you live in the tropics and ride exclusively in warm rain, all that water is going to make your fingers pretty numb pretty quickly — good, warm, waterproof gloves are a worthwhile investment.

Rainy-day cycling gear

Shop Now Cargo Bikes: A Two-Wheeled Enlightenment. I see some people riding all winter without fenders. Fenders are pretty necessary for hot pink cycling shoes wet-weather rides. They keep all that water from spinning up your tires and landing all ib your pants, back, and face. BeanHunterBlundstoneSorelKodiakMerrelland Cougar are all great places to look for waterproof shoes in a range of styles.

What bike to ride

Even Nike and Converse are getting in on the trend, with Nike coming out with a waterproof sneaker this year, and Converse releasing a rubber version of their iconic Chuck Taylors. Smart City Cycling 1: Classroom Workshop May 7, Community Repair Night May 8, Campaign Updates.

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Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city. Tweets by sfbike.

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Want a more stylish solution? Just put on gaiters over your plastic bags.

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They'll hold everything in place, no rubber bands or extra socks necessary. The last step is to put a show on top.

Oct 24, - It's incredibly hard to keep your feet warm while cycling, and I have spent far even plastic shopping bags, will keep your feet warm even while cycling in extremely cold conditions. If your feet are still cold, you can add neoprene shoe covers (cycling booties) to . Tip for Keeping your Feet Dry in the Rain.

Essentially, a plastic bag will be sandwiched between two pairs of socks, with a shoe on top of the whole thing. Hhe shoe and the sock on the outside will get soaked, but the plastic keeps the inside sock—and your foot—dry. Another method is if you just stick your foot clad in sock and plastic bag in your shoe.

News:You can use plastic bags to waterproof your feet instead and get through a stretch of If the water doesn't leak out, it won't leak in when you're wearing the bags. Keep things even tidier by putting a second bag around your ankle. on the outside will get soaked, but the plastic keeps the inside sock—and your foot—diymakeupideas.infog: Choose.

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