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Apr 9, - Pair these shoes with a 2-bolt, SPD-type clipless pedal system for optimal Shimano click'r ct41 bike shoes - men's -, Cycling clothing. Shimano mens ct40 clickr bike shoes 0 shimano ct40 mountain bike click'r mtb.

Shimano CT41 Click'r Cycling Shoes Clothing Casual Shoes

Additionally, a traditional lacing system provides even tension as well as walking comfort. USD Pedaling efficiency on the bike coupled with superb walkability off xycling bike combine cycling shoes wo the Shimano MT34 cycling shoes. A stiff, yet flexible, rubber sole with EVA midsole is perfect for road, touring, commuting, and recreational riding, plus cyclihg compliant enough for walking.

Shimano's Volume Tour last gives shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes more room, fits more foot shapes, and increases overall comfort and support.

cycling shimano shoes clickr ct41

The MT34's tried-and-true lace system ensures a snug, comfortable fit while the shoelace keeper loop prevents irksome shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes tangles. Perfect for commuting, touring, or recreation riding, the Shimano CT40 cycling shoes are well-designed and versatile shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes for both on and off the bike endeavors. They feature a classic lace-up retention system and a shock absorbing EVA insole for optimal comfort while riding cycling shoes road bike indoor cycling walking.

Shimano's special Performance Tour last, too, delivers the goods as its anatomic design ensures your feet are well-supported on all rides short and long.

The CT40's recessed cleat attachment means there's no interference from cleats when you're walking and the rubber sole ensures there's plenty of traction. The Shimano CT45 Cycling Shoes make an excellent choice for commuting, light touring, or general fitness riding where there's a premium placed on both cycling efficiency and walking comfort. The synthetic leather and nylon mesh uppers are comfortable and well-ventilated while the traditional lace system combined with a Velcro strap ensures cheap clipless cycling shoes snug, precision fit.

Well, almost no downsides. On rainy days this ventilation lets the water in. The solution is to either wear booties on wet days, much like every other shoe out there, or learn to enjoy wet feet.

cycling shimano shoes clickr ct41

bike pretty winter cycling shoes They are the ideal commuting setup. Click'Rclipless pedalscommuting sshoesCycling ShoesShimano. David Halfpenny rides whenever and wherever he can; in good weather and bad, in sickness and in health I think you shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes cr41 the risk surrounding clip stacks dude.

You might clip stack once or twice initially, but after that its second nature and smooth sailing. These shoes will do for the pub after the ride as well. Thanks David.

WIDE mountain/touring clipless shoes?

I reported my thoughts on clip-stacks, which may or may not be the same as yours. I have never clip-stacked, but I have seen it happen multiple times. Granted, it may be the one or two initial times coickr mentioned, but they still happened, on the road, in traffic.

cycling shimano ct41 shoes clickr

BTW, I did address becoming unclipped. Outside of that plane, you can become unclipped easily, which is the whole point.

ct41 shoes shimano clickr cycling

I only unintentionally unclipped on the left due to foot roll not apparent with my SPD-SLsbut adjusting the tension solved that. Nice one Dave, I need some new commute shoes and these look the goods.

Item 11 - - Styled for weekend tours and rides around town, the Shimano SH-CT41 MTB Shoes feature the Shimano Click'R system, which combines all the.

OK, here are some pics of the sole. Let me know if you want more. Starting cyycling the toe to the heel, the first segment you can see is quite flexible, shimmano segment just above the cleat well shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes just after the cleat well is very stiff. The part of the shoe under the arch of your foot is about half as flexible as the toe, then the heel segment is again very stiff.

shoes shimano ct41 clickr cycling

Thanks so much for a great article. Probably a Bianchi. Anyway clipless pedals freak me clic,r. They just do. The physical movements required are easy, sure, but it still just freaks me out. So reading your article I just felt like you understood. Can these pedals be used with normal non-cleated shoes such as sneakers? Or would the pedal protrude into the soles of a normal shoe?

Shimano SH-CW41 SKU:8473912

This meant two trips each time from and to work on bare shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes. This gives them a bit of an advantage over the plain spd or spd-sl pedals.

Shmiano think I may need to tighten them a little though because my feet have come boys platform shoes a couple of time while riding. Good idea. My left shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes used to roll out until I tightened it, but never my right. I planned to use them with Shimano M pedals on a hybrid bike. Have I screwed up? Thanks for following up Alistair. I agree about the shoes. David, thank you for your great article and warm greetings from Germany.

Any comments? Regards, Marc.

shoes clickr cycling shimano ct41

Marc, Glad you liked the article. See my reply to the post earlier about the ct70s and ct40s. The ct40s are all laced, but the shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes seem to be laced and have a velcro strap across the top. I have an old pair of cydling road shoes like this and they stay on quite solidly.

Men's Shoe: Shimano CT41 Click'r Cycling Shoes Clothing Casual Shoes

I suspect the interior of the shoe is pretty much the same, i. If you can try them both on, do it, but it might just come down to styling. I think the 40s look better. Are they shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes available? Try, for example, Cell Bikes: Alternately, try Wiggle or Cycling Express.

ct41 cycling shoes clickr shimano

Am an amature mountain biker who bikes for exercise, cardio benifit and just plain fun. I go off road -mountain biking trails of various levels and some on road on paved trails in and around my neighborhood.

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I usually go hard and fast on these trails with the occassional crash. Are shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes pedals good for that kind of riding or are these mostly for the urban road shjmano A mountain shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes mate of mine has bought a pair for mountain biking.

He finds them easier to get out of when he needs to. These are much easier to use, but they do look commuterish. The shoes they have are pretty neutral sneaker types shoes. Excellent review. Your honest review has put my mind at ease, so much appreciated.

shoes shimano ct41 clickr cycling

I will definitely be getting the click r system. Is it worth considering the pdt? The s that I have are excellent. I agree. Heya, First of all very detailed review. Top stuff! New to the whole clipless. Yes, they do, and with the normal SPD cleats as well.

I swore never to go back to clipless pedals. shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes

shoes cycling ct41 shimano clickr

A recent trail ride though has got me thinking about trying clipless again as I was being shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes around on some of the really bumpy stuff. I also reckon being clipped in would improve my power transfer on climbs. One more thing. The shoes are holding up pretty well also. Of course, your mileage may vary when using vt41 pedals for mountain biking.

Get a set and try them out.

shoes cycling shimano clickr ct41

Clipless is much better. Thanks for reading. It will save me from swapping them over when I use it.

shoes shimano cycling ct41 clickr

I use these pedals for XC type mountain biking, mainly long, steep fire roads, and some single track. Hi very shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes review.

Q1 Can i use these? Q2 What are other road Shoe can i Use? Flo, Of course you can use them on your road bike.

clickr shoes ct41 shimano cycling

My shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes bike is a road bike. Since that will likely only happen in a race, these pedals will be useful in all other situations.

If you have queries, ask the retailer. Hi, great review, And what about sizing comparing another shimano mtb shoes? Usually wear US Is it bigger or wider than other shimano mtb? From my experience, all shimano shoes have good consistency in size. Thanks for reply. I would like to try exactly these shoes for summer ride.

shoes cycling shimano clickr ct41

I do not have shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes road shoes so may be you can say how sizing of these shoes correspond with your casual shoes trail cycling shoes in US and EU? When possible, please select the forum above that most fits your post!

Thread Tools. I'm looking to get my first set of clipless shoes but almost everything out there is quite narrow.

cycling shoes ct41 clickr shimano

What are the best options for those of you who also have 2E-4E wide shoes? View Public Profile.

clickr shoes cycling ct41 shimano

Find More Posts by vinuneuro. Liked 2 Times in 2 Posts.

clickr shimano shoes ct41 cycling

Sidi Mega or Northwave fit my 4E feet very well. I have been using the Sidi megas for 6 or 7 years and I got a pair of Northwave touring shoes that look like gym shoes last year. They both feel good. Some brands run narrow. Find Shimano ct41 clickr cycling shoes Posts by cyclist Find More Posts by chrislee Originally Posted by chrislee Find More Posts by mrodgers.

Liked 31 Times in 23 Posts. Originally Posted by GravelMN. Find More Posts by indyfabz.

clickr cycling ct41 shoes shimano

I wear a pair of Sidi mega for my road bike and they fit pretty wide. I bought both pair at my LBS after trying on many different brands and styles. .. -Mats-Reflex-Anti-fatigue-Mat-BlackThick-Choose-Length/ com/ip/PumaIgnite-Drive-Sport-Golf-Shoes-Drizzle-Black/ -motorcycle-bike-mustang-dodge-ford-chevy-vinyl-str/

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